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Young Radiator and Fixed Tube Bundle

Replacement Parts, Sales and Service


We are a leading manufacturer's representative of replacement shell and tube heat exchangers and replacment parts. Our coolers are suitable for oil cooling, water/glycol cooling, compressed air cooling including mobile and industrial applications.

We offer competitive pricing and quick shipping for most of our entire line of products.

To learn more about our heat exchangers and how they can cool your equipment please contact us, toll-free: 1-888-226-8522


Short Lead Times
Competively Priced
Standard and Custom Designs

Markets Served:

Construction Equipment
Engine Cooling / Genset Cooling
  Compressor Air / Oil Cooling
Commercial Vehicles
Machine Tools
Hydraulic Oil Coolers
Industrial Cooling


Fixed Tube Bundles

Fixed Tube Bundles:

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Water-to-Water & Water-to-Oil
Young Interchanges
Various Materials Available
Standard and Custom Designs
Young OCS Series

OCS Series Replacements:

  1ph, 3ph, 575v, & Hydraulic Motors
Dirty Environment Models
Bypass Options
TEFC Motors
Low Noise Options
Charge Air Coolers

Charge Air Coolers:

Water and Air Cooled Options
Air/Oil Aftercoolers
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Young Radiator
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