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Water Cooled Heat Exchangers

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We are a supplier of replacement fixed tube shell and tube heat exchangers. Our replacement units are most commonly drop in interchanges and or suitable thermal replacements that meet or exceed the performance of your existing unit.

Our water cooled exchangers are commonly used in applications where the desired outlet temperature is lower than can be achieved with available ambient atmospheric conditions, producing a much lower outlet temperature in many cases. For facilities concerned with dumping heat in work areas or around other equipment water cooled exchangers are the best soution to removing heat.

The most common applications for fixed tube shell and tube exchangers include engine oil cooling, lube oil cooler, glycol and water cooler, compressor aftercoolers and intercoolers, and JWC coolers.

Fixed Tube Bundles

Fixed Tube Bundles:

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Water-to-Water & Water-to-Oil
Various Materials Available
Standard and Custom Designs
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